WATCH: Jaye Isherwood: Making Modern Britain, Slough Industrial Estate

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In her documentary-style talk, Making Modern Britain: Slough Industrial Estate, Jaye presents a wealth of knowledge on the industrialisation of Slough at the end of the First World War, as she narrates over a series of atmospheric archival photographs of the people, buildings, and industries that have passed through the estate over the last 100 years.

Historian and writer Jaye Isherwood has always taken a keen interest in Industrial History, and is often found exploring old works, canals or railway tracks. She was born in Slough to the smells and sounds of the historic Trading Estate nearby. Jaye is an accomplished author and produced a book detailing the history of the Railway that served the Slough Trading Estate.

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Great film about our trading estate Jaye . Well worth watching for anyone with a Slough connection . Thank you very much .

I really enjoyed watching this as it bought back memories of the many years that I worked on the Dump from 1962 to 2015, I also lived in the ex army huts on Cippenham Lane (1950/3) and Twinches Lane (1953/6) which bordered the Trading Estate, I remember seeing a photo of Leigh Road near the railway and knew something was missing, the photo was in the thirties and I realised the gun emplacements built to protect the Dump from the German invasion were missing from photos of the bridge from the 40s onwards, I was second oldest in a family of eleven children and could not afford to take up an apprenticeship in my first employment at Satchwell’s but still maintained regular employment and picked up a few skill’s? in the many factory’s that I worked in, I spent the last 30 odd years at Crane Packing, later John Crane and thank them for the most enjoyable part of my working life, I would say I have a lot to thank SEGRO for in my working life and also of there support of Slough Town FC’s new home shirt.

Before this talk by Jaye I knew nothing about the history Slough Trading Estate. Who would have thought the subject could be so interesting.

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