A History of the Festival of Lights

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A History of the Festival of Lights Buckinghamshire History Festival

In September 2021 Katherine Gwyn sat down to talk virtually with Vicky Jackson and Poonam Gupta, two members of the team behind Aylesbury's annual Festival of Lights.  They talk about Diwali, what it means, who celebrates it, what to say to acknowledge it, and most importantly, what to eat.   24 min episode. 

This year’s Aylesbury Festival of Lights is on 13th November, more details here

Poonam Gupta
Poonam had the idea to organise a community festival to mark Diwali and is the founder of Aylesbury’s Festival of Lights. Her positivity and enthusiasm are at the heart of making this annual event a fantastic success.

Poonam is a business owner, managing Holy Cow Home, an ethical boutique in Aylesbury and recently launching Holy Cow Tea. She sits on several community committees and is also a wife and mother.

As a Hindu, Poonam has relished the annual Diwali celebrations and she would love people of all cultures and faiths to unite and share a joyous experience.

Vicky Jackson

Vicky joined the Board in 2020, bringing her wealth of experience in event organisation.

She has held several roles in the investment banking sector from Foreign Exchange Prime Brokerage Client Services, to her current role as a Fixed Income Relationship Manager. Alongside this role, she chairs and hosts an internal network promoting personal and professional growth, wellbeing and networking.

Vicky graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science and has recently completed the Ivy House leadership course. She lives with her fiancé and dog, Luna.

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