Dillibe Onyeama: A Black Boy at Eton

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Dillibe Onyeama: A Black Boy at Eton Buckinghamshire History Festival

In 1969 Dillibe Onyeama became the first Black pupil to finish his studies at Eton College, which was then in Buckinghamshire.  Three years later he published his memoirs documenting that experience.  Dillbe has gone on to have a long and successful career in publishing, and as an author.  Ahead of Penguin's new edition of his first book, Judi McGinley and Katherine Gwyn link-up with Dillibe from his home in Nigeria.   Pre-order A Black Boy At Eton here:

Dillibe Onyeama was born in Enugu, the second son of influential judge Charles Dadi Umeha Onyeama, and on the day of his birth became the first black boy to be registered to attend Eton College. Becoming a pupil there in 1965, and leaving in 1969, he wrote a book while still a teenager about his experiences of discrimination and bullying at the elite British boarding-school, published in 1972. In 2020 the school’s present headmaster, Simon Henderson, offered Onyeama an apology for the treatment he had received.

Onyeama obtained a diploma from the Premier School of Journalism, before returning to Nigeria In 1981, and establishing the publishing company Delta Publications, based in Enugu.

In February 2022 Penguin will be publishing a new edition of his first book, A Black Boy at Eton, which can be pre-ordered here:

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