The Social and Technical History of Sports Wheelchairs: A Beginner’s Guide

Sam Brady,

7-8pm, Thu 18 Nov, 2021.

Live Talk via Zoom

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You might be familiar with history of the Paralympics, but what about the equipment? How did wheelchairs first begin to be used for sport, how have they changed over time, what do these changes mean? Based on my PhD research, this talk explores the technical and socio-political history of sporting wheelchairs, focusing on the athlete-led development of this technology. This establishes how sports innovation became a site of activism and agency for disabled athletes, as new technology allowed for the advancement of these sports. This talk will reflect the current state of my research, and will draw on oral history interviews with wheelchair athletes to bring their unique perspective into this under-researched topic.

Sam Brady is an PhD student at the University of Glasgow and the National Paralympic Heritage Trust. His research, which began in October 2019, explores the social, political and technological history of sporting wheelchairs. Sam’s primary research interests lie in disability history, adaptive sport, and technology, alongside other interests in the historical intersection of disability in marginalised racial or ethnic communities.

You can visit the National Paralympic Heritage Trust’s Website here

This talk will not be recorded.

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