William Lowndes : How One Man Transformed A Town

David Noy,
7-8pm ,11 Nov 2021.
Live talk via Zoom

William Lowndes left Winslow at the age of 15 when his father went bankrupt and the bailiffs were knocking at the door. He returned to pay his father’s debts, build Winslow Hall and change the town forever. David Noy has mined the documentary record to tell this story of one extraordinary man – and paints a picture of how Winslow’s people, from the well-to-do to the poor, gained and lost from this transformation.

David Noy has lived (on and off) all his life in Winslow, where his great-grandfather Arthur Midgley arrived in 1867. He is an Honorary Research Associate of the Open University (in Classics), Honorary General Editor of the Buckinghamshire Record Society and Honorary Archivist of the Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society. He has published many books and articles on Roman history and on the history of Winslow.

Talk will not be recorded.

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