A Temple, a Rotunda, an Arch: New Insights into the Archaeology of Stowe Landscape Gardens

Stephen Wass,

5.45-6.45, Sat 6 Nov, 2021.

Live talk via Zoom.

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Professional archaeologist Stephen Wass has been working at Stowe to the support the current programme of repair and restoration of the gardens and has examined over a dozen separate locations within the park to clarify a number of important questions about layout and development. In this talk he gives an account of work associated with sites such as the Rotunda, the Doric Arch and statues and most importantly the new discoveries around the site of the Temple of Modern Virtue.

As a freelance archaeologist with thirty years of experience Stephen’s primary research interests are in landscape archaeology especially as applied to historic gardens and parks. He is currently working on a programme of doctoral research with the University of Oxford entitled, ‘Voyages to the House of Diversion: Seventeenth-Century Water Gardens and the Birth of Modern Science’ centred on the little known Jacobean gardens of Hanwell Castle, Oxfordshire. He is also working with the Oxfordshire Gardens Trust to develop a new project entitled ‘Oxfordshire’s Forgotten Gardens’ focussing on other early gardens within the county.

This talk will not be recorded.

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